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What is Yougold, LLC

At our heart, Yougold is a consultancy company specializing in technology and business administration with an eye on quality. We provide advisory services, short and long term consultancy and management services. In addition to our core services we have established partnerships allowing for single invoicing for multiple services as well as a single point of contact with zero markup. Our goal is customer satisfaction as our business revolves around happy customers.

Below are some of the services we offer as well as a link to each service.

Business Development

Our goal is to grow your business so we can grow together. We provide a free initial assessment of your needs then work as a member of your team to formulate solutions.

Information Technology

Our group of professional Techs are ready to Configure your cPanel, Firewall, LEMP Stack, Mail Server, Plesk Installation, and more!

Software Development

Our mission is to create a user friendly software for your company that increases productivity and profits. Whether you are looking for a Desktop Application, Security Platforms, Utility Application, or other App, our team is ready for the challenge.

Web Development

From Design/Layout to implementations, we can get your custom project up and running in no time! We’ve got what you need. We offer a team of experienced and professional software engineers driven to provide a high quality product.

Web Hosting

Spending hours trying to figure out how to update, protect and backup your website? Then let us take care of this for you. We provide Website Support Services, Hosting, Website updates (WordPress, etc.), Security Scanner, Backup Services, 24/7 Site Monitoring, Secure Control Panel, Client Manager Portals, and more.

What are Business Partners?

Business Partners are owners of a company who have decided to join together in order to achieve a common goal or interest.

Our Mission is to create a quality project that exceeds your expectations and specifications. With our Business Partners we are able to offer IT Services, Media Distribution, and Multi-Platform Developement.

No matter the project or specifications, we can assist through our network of talent.


No matter the file format, or file size we can host it all. We take your videos and process them on our servers presenting them on your client portal once uploaded. Through our client portal we have all the uploaded content listed and available for viewing right then and there!